Until the 2nd November the exhibition Walter Benjamin's Suitcases. Migrating devices is open at the customs hall of Portbou International Railway Station. The exhibition includes imagined suitcases created by students and teachers from the École des Beaux Arts (Bordeaux), Weissensee Kunsthochschule (Berlin), Escola Llotja d'Arts i Disseny (Barcelona) and other residents from Casa de Velázquez (Madrid) based on Walter Benjamin's work and concepts.





More information about the exhibition:
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The first edition of Walter Benjamin Summer School within the Commemorative Events of the 76th anniversary of Walter Benjamin's death will take place in Portbou from the 22th until the 25th September.  The event is organised by Portbou Town Hall and the Associació Passatges de Cultura Contemporània. The Summer School is an initiative directed by Sigrid Weigel (Zentrum fur Literatur und Kulturforschung Berlin), with the collaboration of Chantal Benjamin, grand-daughter of Walter Benjamin, social worker and training in Human Rights (Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin) and Pilar Parcerisas (Assoc. Passatges).                                  


Among the participants are: Gerard Vilar (UAB) ), Enric Puig Punyet (writer at the journal La maleta de Portbou), Natàlia Cantó (UOC), Swen Seebach (UAB), students and professors from École des Beaux Arts (Bordeaux), Weissensee Kunsthochschule (Berlin), Escola Llotja d'Arts i Disseny (Barcelona) and residents from Casa de Velázquez de Madrid, all of them participants in the exhibition The briefcases of Walter Benjamin. Dispositifs of migration that will be opened on the 24th September at 7 p.m at  the Portbou Internacional Railway Station.  


On Sunday 25th the event will be closed with the presentation of the project of declaration of the Passages Memorial by Dani Karavan as a National Cultural Good and wreath laying and official speeches at Portbou cemetery.


Please, for reservations contact: info@passatgescultura.org 


See the program below:
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We offer an itinerary through the main passages of Walter Benjamin in Portbou, including a tour to the Memorial Passages by Dani Karavan.


The Memorial is an homage to all those anonymous fugitives who go into exile in search of freedom. Recently, the Israeli artist has been awarded with the Premi Nacional de Cultura 2016 (Catalan Culture Award) for this art work.  


We hope to see you soon in Portbou to discover the last passage of Walter Benjamin.


More information and reservations available at this link.


On July 15th the Japanese artist Shino Yanai made in Portbou the performance titled "The Blue Passages" She crossed the Pyrenees from Banyuls to Portbou through the Walter Benjamin route with an Olympic torch.


Dressed as if she was a pilgrim, she symbolically went through the path of exile to honor men, women and children who have suffered or suffer exile. With the torch, she went down the tunnel in the Passages Memorial by Dani Karavan, an artist awarded and well known in Japan.


In the beach, a boat was burned, while she entered into the sea. The exiliated people appear here as Olympic winners, as Walter Benjamin. Desesperation leads them to burn the boats and to surrender to death. In Japan, tradition tells us that older people penetrate the forest in order to disappear.


On September 11th, a book and a video of this performance will be presented in the space White Conduit Projects in London. 


21/05/16, 6 p.m.: PORTBOU MASONIC

On Saturday 21st May we organise the lecture "The documents of Progreso-Portbouense Lodge" by Roger Olivella. Progreso-Portbouense Lodge started its activities with the support of Masons from Figueres in the late ninetheenth century, coinciding with the birth of the village of Portbou. The Lodge had a remarkable participation in the village affairs. Part of the activity of the Lodge was recorded and finally deposited in the Salamanca's archives. The aim is to explain what these documents are, to display them, to know their authors and discover what kind of stories they tell us about Portbou.


Place: Centre Cívic Ca l'Herrero, c/ Mendez Nuñez, 2. Starts at: 6 p.m. 




The association in collaboration with Portbou Town Hall has become member of the Club de Cultura i Identitat del Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona in order to promote and disseminate the heritage and culture of this frontier territory.


More information.



See program below:

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Commemorative Events

On the 3rd & 4th October will be held in Portbou the Commemorative Events in remembrance of Walter Benjamin on the 75th anniversary  of his death in Portbou. The event is an initiative of Associació Passatges de Cultura Contemporània and Portbou Town Hall, jointly co-organised by Memorial Democràtic of  Generalitat of Catalonia and the Public Dimplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT), with the support of Diputació de Girona and the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava de Girona and the collaboration of Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cerbère-Portbou y Cinemaimaginaire d’Argelès-sur-Mer.

Program 3rd-4th October 2015

The commemorative event will start on Saturday 3rd October at 18:30 with a dialogue between Dani Karavan, creator of Passages and the filmmaker Wim Wenders about the relationship between Walter Benjamin’s philosophy and the artistic works of Dani Karavan and Wim Wenders.

On Sunday 4th October at 11:00 at La Congesta and at noon at the Cemetery in Benjamin’s Symbolic grave will take place the Homage to the philosopher with the presence of Dani Karavan, Wim Wenders, Chantal Benjamin and authorities.  


On September 25th & 26th 2015, the Association Walter Benjamin from Banyuls organises a Commemorative Event about Walter Benjamin, German philosopher of Jewish origin. On Friday 25 at 8.30 p.m. at Mas Reig of Banyuls-sur-Mer letters of the thinker from the period 1933-1940 will be read with musical ambience. On Saturday 26th at 9 a.m. in Banyuls will take place a commented tour to present the Walter Benjamin’s path to cross the frontier. The itinerary will follow at 11.30 a.m. in Portbou, where our association will guide visitors to get to know the “Passages” Memorial by Dani Karavan and the key points of the passage of Walter Benjamin in the village. In the following link you will find more details of the programme.


On Sunday 16th August 2015 at 6.30 p.m. the 2nd  Edition of Memory and Exile: Antonio Machado,  Music and Poetry Recital will take place at Passages Memorial by Dani Karavan at the Cemetery Esplanade in Portbou, directed by Cari Oriol Serres, organized by the Portbou Town Hall and in collaboration with our association. 

1ST HERITAGE AND CULTURAL TOURS. Easter period. 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th - April 2015

 The Associació Passatges de Cultura Contemporània has created the Dynamics initiative in order to promote the territory of Mar d'Amunt and Les Alberes (Alt Empordà, Girona).


The mission is to promote dynamic actions, events and proposals to generate in this territory tourism committed to culture.

The main fields of actions are: cultural action, heritage, landscape, identity and Dynamics-Lab.



Thus, we propose a tour program for the Easter period (2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th April 2015) to show the richness of this territory.


Activity 1: Wine Route & Culture. Thursday, 2nd April 2015. Karavan’s Passages Memorial to Walter Benjamin & Celler Hugas de Batlle (Colera).

 ProgramRegistration Form. 


Activity 2: “Lab in the Winery”. Wine Route & Philosophy. Friday, 3rd April 2015. Cantallops. Masia Serra. 

Program.  Registration Form. 


Activity 3: “Lab in the Winery”. Wine Route & Philosophy. Saturday, 4th April 2015. Selva de Mar. Celler Mas Estela. Program. Registration Form.


Activity 4: “Hiking: Landscape and Culture” (with a guide). Sunday, 5th April 2015. Colera. 

Program.  Registration Form.

                                                                 Further information: 


Programa Jueves 2 de abril_Jornada Patri
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On the 5th October will be held in Portbou the commemorative event of the 20th anniversary of Dani Karavan's Passages Memorial to Walter Benjamin. The Memorial was inaugurated on the 15th May 1994, as an initiative by Bonn's association AsKI, with the support of the President's Office of the Generalitat de Catalunya  and of the German federal states.   

At the same time to the commemorative event, there will be an International Symposium on Public Art with the Dani Karavan's participation, and other architects and experts on Public Art.   


See program below: 

20th Anniversary Memorial Passages_Karav
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13-14/06/14: Film festival of the cinema of the border. Portbou

On the coming 13th and 14th of June takes place the Second Film Festival Cinema of the Border and the Second International Competition of Short Films for Youngsters Walter Benjamin, which will held at the Sala Congesta of Portbou. 


The festival presents two recent full-length films: SOBRE LA MARXA (El inventor de la selva) (ON THE FLY (The Creator of the Jungle), by Jordi Morató, a film on the border between civilization and brutality, and THE SEGOVIA BIG BAND, by Joan Rossell and Gemma Serrahima, a documentary film on the 1976 flight from the Segovia prison, told by the inmates themselves, that serves a reflection on the end of the dictatorship and the transition to democracy. 


The program includes the screening of the 10 short films selected for the Competition Walter Benjamin, as well as TRAMUNTANA, ANADA I TORNADA (Tramuntana, There and Back), the result of the workshop Cinema en curs held at the Escola Sant Jaume de Portbou. 

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05/06/14: Second Competition of Short Films for Youngsters Walter Benjamin. Selected short films.


Overcoming all expectations, the Second Competition of Short Films for Youngsters Walter Benjamin has received 142 entries from all over the world.

Aside from Spain and Ceuta, contestants sent short films from Poland, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Peru, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Czech Republic , Argentina, Albany, Portugal, Russia, Luxemburg, Belgium, USA, Australia, Greece, Japan, United Kingdom, India, Switzerland, South Korea, Norway and Bulgaria.

The jury has selected 10 of those short films to be screened on the 14th of June, Saturday, at the Sala Congesta, de Portbou during the Film Festival  Cinema of the Border (see program available in this website).