Portbou, September

Since 2016 we organise at the end of September the Summer School Walter Benjamin. The objective of the seminar is to think about the figure and the work of philosopher in the village where his life ended abruptly after crossing the Pyrenees at the border between France and Catalonia.

Description of the activity

The Walter Benjamin Summer School is a key activity to support the development of the Walter Benjamin House in Portbou. During the seminar philosophers, artists, historians, humanists, art critics, writers, psychologists, psychoanalysts or sociologists, among others, dialogue to promote interdisciplinary thinking around the concepts of the work of Walter Benjamin, which can help us to understand and face the challenges of our current European society.

Promotion of culture and arts

The programme of the seminar is complemented by other cultural events for all audiences (exhibitions, plays, theatre plays, poetry reading, etc). At the same time, the annual commemorative events gather the population at the cemetery to pay homage to Walter Benjamin. 

See programmes of the different editions:

History and Memory: Exile and Resistance (2023)

Escola dEstiu WB 2023 - ENG.pdf
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Justice and Abyss: Time of Exile (2022)

Summer School WB 2022 - ENG.pdf
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European and Borders (2021)

Escola dEstiu WB 2021 - ENG-baixa.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 156.6 KB

The Border of Memory. 80th anniversary of the death of Walter Benjamin. 75 years since the end of the Holocaust (2020)

Escola dEstiu WB 2020 - ANG.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 720.2 KB

The savage frontier. 80 years of retreat (2019)

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Walter Benjamin and the Marxist thought. 200 years of Karl Marx (2018)

Escola dEstiu WB 2018 ENG.pdf
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Workshop Yael - 4 idiomes A3-1.pdf
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Memory, Childhood and Exile in Walter Benjamin. Commemorative Events of the 125º anniversary of Walter Benjamin's birth (2017)

Escola dEstiu WB 2017 ENG.pdf
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Memoria-Infancia-Exili WB fulleto 2017.p
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The concept of History, "Passages" book, art and human rights. Commemorative Events 76th anniversary of Walter Benjamin's death (2016)

Escola dEstiu WB 2016 ENG.pdf
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Les maletes de WB- ENG.pdf
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